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Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully before filling in the online dog’s resume form below. 

You, as owner of the particular dog , request Windsor Walkies to provide Services to You on these terms and conditions.   By signing it, You certify that You have read these terms and conditions in their entirety and fully understand and accept them.

Windsor Walkies agrees to provide those Services to You, the Client, on these terms and conditions. 



The Rates for Windsor Walkies Services, as varied from time to time, are set out at https://www.windsorwalkies.com.au/rates

There is a $25.00 surcharge per Service on public holidays. 

Reservations/Cancellations/Early Return

Cancellations advised to Windsor Walkies by You at any time up to noon the day prior to the day of Service will not incur a fee.

Cancellations advised to Windsor Walkies by You with less than 24 hours’ notice, or later than noon on the day prior to the day of Service, will incur a cancellation fee at the rate of 50% the rate applicable to the Service.

Any ‘no-shows’ or dishonoured reservations where Windsor Walkies was not advised prior to a reserved Service will incur a fee for the full rate for the Service.

There are no cancellation penalties for Dog  Home Visits if You return home early. However, if You don’t  advise Windsor Walkies of your early return and a Service call is made to your property, then the full fee for that Service will apply. 


Payment for Services is to be by direct debit or cash. 

Windsor Walkies Bank details are BSB 013400  ACCOUNT 284455508 

For Casual Services payment must be made in full prior to the Service

For Regular Services, Direct Debit can be arranged on a monthly basisIf paying by cash, payment should be made at the first Service provided in each month.


If Windsor Walkies needs to access your property to provide the Services, You will need to provide keys.  At all times your keys remain your property.  If You do not want to use the key arrangements set out below, a special key pick up or return service by Windsor Walkies incurs a $20 fee.

Key Pick-up:  Keys will be supplied by You to Windsor Walkies at the consultation.  If this is not convenient for You, then You may deliver the keys to Windsor Walkies HQ at 5 Stewart Street, Windsor, Vic, 3181.        

Key Return:  Windsor Walkies holds all keys securely and they are identified only by a system number, not by an address.  You may choose to take advantage of our key storage service where Windsor Walkies holds a key securely for your future requirements.   Alternatively, if You prefer, Windsor Walkies can leave the keys in an agreed place in your home on our last visit. 


Upon entry to your property, Windsor Walkies will use its best endeavours to disarm any alarm in your property in accordance with your instructions.  You will bear any costs associated with alarm activation, such as guard despatch.

Indemnity and limited liability

Windsor Walkies will use its best endeavours to care appropriately for your dog. 

Windsor Walkies is not liable for any loss, injury or death to your dog, either inside or outside your home, while in our care.

You agree to indemnify Windsor Walkies against any claim made against them or injury, loss, cost or expense suffered by them resulting from the actions or behaviour of your dog.

You agree to waive any claim You may have against Windsor Walkies for any loss or injury You may suffer including injury to your pet, caused or arising because of Windsor Walkies’ Services.

Behaviour/ Aggressive Animals

You certify to Windsor Walkies that your dog has not harmed or shown aggression or threatening behaviour towards any persons or other dogs.

If, in the opinion of Windsor Walkies, a dog  represents a danger to our staff or to other dogs during a Service, then that Service may be suspended.  If that happens, Windsor Walkies will attempt to contact You as quickly as possible.

For Dog Walking, Windsor Walkies reserves the right to refuse to take a dog if they display aggressive behaviour at the time of collection or show signs of transmittable illness or are taking medication for a transmittable illness. 


All dogs must have current vaccinations.

You must provide Windsor Walkies with a Vaccination Certificate (from your vet) prior to commencement of Service, or if Services are ongoing, annually. 

General Health

At time of booking all dogs must be free from transmittable illnesses. 

If your Dog is ailing due to old age or convalescing from sickness, a package tailored to their need for greater care and feeding during Dog Daycare, Dog or Cat Home Visits or Dog Sleepovers, must be agreed between You and Winsdor Walkies. 

Emergency Veterinarian Services: 

You authorise Windsor Walkies to seek any emergency veterinarian assistance needed during a Service, at Your cost.  Where possible Windsor Walkies will use Your preferred vet service provided to Windsor Walkies at the initial consultation, but reserves the right to use any veterinarian as chosen by Windsor Walkies if we consider it necessary given the nature of the emergency or if we are unable to reach Your preferred vet.   


If your Dog requires medication, You will fully inform Windsor Walkies and equip us with all that is necessary to cater to their needs prior to the Service. A charge of $1.50 for each administered dosage applies. 

Water, Treats and Toys

Windsor Walkies will provide your Dog  with fresh water, treats (if allowed) and toys at every Service. 


Windor Walkies provides the following Services, as further described on the website at www.windsorwalkies.com.au/services, and at the rates set out in these terms and conditions:

  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Daycare
  • Dog Home Visits
  • Dog Sleepovers
  • Dog Chauffeur Service



  • All dogs must be older than 4 months of age, fully vaccinated and registered with the appropriate council. Windsor Walkies is not liable for any fines incurred for an unregistered dog in their care, as it is Your responsibility to register your dog.
  • Your dog must be in good health.
  • Your dog must wear a collar with an ID tag and their walking lead must be provided.
  • Your dog must be compatible with other dogs, and preferably familiar with common commands.
  • If you request an off leash walk, you certify that your dog is trustworthy off the leash.
  • Dogs over the age of 6 months must be neutered or spayed. Group walking not available for non-neutered males over 6 months old or non-spayed females in season – these dogs must be walked one-on-one.



You must give Windsor Walkies a clear, brief outline of the feeding habits of your dog at the time of booking the Service.

You must ensure that adequate food is available to cover the period of Service. 



You must give Windsor Walkies a clear, brief outline of the feeding habits of your dog or cat at the time of booking the Service.

You must ensure that adequate food is available to cover the period of Service. 

Check out time is 10am and check in time is 7.30am onwards.  Any late check-out, or check-in outside these hours will incur charges of an extra day at the relevant rate.



Windsor Walkies provides dog Daycare Services Hours between the hours of 7.30am – 6.00pm. For every 10 mins (or part thereof) that your dog is at Windsor Walkies HQ outside these hours, an additional $10 fee will be incurred.



Prior to the Service, You must notify the veterinary surgery or groomer that Windsor Walkies will be attending the appointment on your behalf, and ensure that arrangements for payment have been made with either Windsor Walkies or the vet/ groomer.

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